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Tutor Position Available (Psychology)

We are seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic university student with a background in psychology to join our team as a Tutor and Mentor for year 10 and 11 high school students who are passionate about psychology. Our goal is to make a positive impact on a young student's academic journey and help to build their showcases for the U.S. college admissions preparation. We help their excel in their AP studies, SAT preparation, and extracurricular activities, with a special focus on a psychology research project.


Position: Tutor for Y10/11 Students


  1. Provide one-on-one tutoring and mentorship to a high school student interested in psychology.

  2. Assist the student with their AP courses.

  3. Guide and support the student in their SAT preparation.

  4. Help students look for psychology research opportunities. Collaborate with the student to develop and refine their psychology research project, providing insights and constructive feedback.

  5. Offer guidance on effective research methodologies, data analysis, and presentation techniques.

  6. Encourage and motivate the student to excel academically and pursue their passion for psychology.

  7. Help the student explore potential extracurricular opportunities related to psychology, such as clubs, competitions, or internships.

  8. Help student to build their strong showcase in commonapp.


  1. Current university student pursuing a degree in psychology or a related field.

  2. Patience and empathy are critical.

  3. A solid understanding of the needs of a high school students in academics and extracurricular activities.

  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively connect with and support the high school students.

  5. Prior tutoring or mentoring experience is advantageous but not mandatory.

  6. Passionate about teaching and eager to share knowledge and insights with a motivated high school student.

  7. Availability to dedicate 1-2 hours per week for tutoring sessions and mentorship.

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